Fix uncover jailbreak Revoke/Blacklisted issue

Throughout this article, you will learn the technics that how to fix unc0ver jailbreak revoked/blacklisted issue.

This article is based on research documentation by security researchers and developers.

Prepare your iPhone/iPad (Fix uncover jailbreak Revoke/Blacklisted issue)

  • #Step 01: Download DNSCloak and disable the ffapple proxy
  • #Step 02: Download this (Plug & Play method) Text File and save it to your iPhone
    • Download this (Airplane Mode Method) Text File and save it to your iPhone
  • #Step 03: Open DNSCloak.
  • #Step 04: Tab on the 3 lines in the left corner.
nc0ver jailbreak revoke fixed
  • #Step 05: In DNSCloak Settings turn on “Connect on Demand”
unc0ver jailbreak revoke fixed 2
  • #Step 06: Scroll in DNSCloak settings a bit down and tab on “Blacklist and Whitelist”.. 
  • #Step 07:  Then turn on “Enable Blacklist”, a file menu will open and select the earlier downloaded file. (if you already enabled this options just tab on “Pick Blacklist File..”)
  • #Step 08: Go back to the main page and Select the DNSServer “a-and-a”.
unc0ver jailbreak revoke fixed 5
  • #Step 09: Now open settings. Got to and turn on “General -> VPN -> DNSCloak -> (i) -> Connect on Demand”
  • #Step 10: Clear Safari History Cache.

You should now be able to download unc0ver jailbreak :).

Thanks for Tutu box Team(DNS Method)

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