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Cydia Impactor is essential software for both iOS and Android devices. That helps us install third-party apps ( .ipa files ) into our iOS devices. This tool can install on Windows, Mac, or Linux computers.

Cydia Impactor Windows

Cydia Impactor Mac OSX

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What is Cydia Impactor?

Cydia Impactor is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that lets you install IPA files on iOS devices, And also is a program that helps us install third-party apps. Cydia Impactor tool helps you to install Cydia, remove Cydia Installer, and install third-party apps by sideloading files on iOS devices.

Features of Cydia Impactor:

  • Install Jailbreak Files:
    • The Impactor tool is widly used for installing jailbreak apps on iDevices. Also, it allows you to get and flash any mod package and Install the latest tweaks and games on your non-jailbreak iDevice without any cost.
    • You can also rooting packages, updating, and manually recover files straight to your device without using FastBoot tools to help.
  • Connection Bridging:
    • Cydia Impactor makes it easy to bridge connections between your computer/laptop and iPhone or iPad.
      Also, you can disconnect or restart connections if required, but we need to find out the correct port number first.
  • Rooting Android Mobile Devices:
    • This powerful Impactor tool is not only limited to jailbreak iDevices. You can also use it to root Android devices that run on Android 2.3 or higher.

    • But also If your device is on Android 2.3 or below, you can use Cydia Impactor to put it up to v5.0. Just by using a few steps, you can root your device with Cydia Impactor.

    • To root your device with Cydia Impactor, Connect Android device to your computer, Enable USB Debugging Mode > click on Start and leave it – it will quickly update.

  • Unlocking Bootloader:
    • You can use Cydia Impactor Download to unlock and lock bootloader on your Android device.

  • Package Installations:
    • Cydia Impactor allows you to get recovery packages (stock/ custom) and mod packages.

    • You can also root packages, update them, and manually recover files straight to your device without needing FastBoot tools to help.

Requirements to Download Cydia Impactor:

  • In case of No internet Access you can download Cydia impactor and tweak IPA file, so take much better Wi-Fi or cellular internet connection.
  • If your PC is a Mac platformed one, you must have the latest version of iTunes on your device to use the Impactor application on the device.
  • You won’t need the Xcode application for this purpose.
  • Windows platformed PCs also require you to have the latest version of iTunes for the best performance of the Cydia Impactor Download.
  • No jailbreak is required for IPA file installation.
  • IPhone/iPad/Android devices.
  • Latest Tweak IPA file.

How to Install:

If you have  two-factor authentication enabled on your iPhone, it can interfere with the installation process.

If you want, you can disable it, follow Method 1 below and then re-enable it, or you can follow the steps of Method 2 below to install the IPA files without needing to disable it. 

Method 01: Install iOS Files on iOS Devices with Two Factor Verification Disabled

  1. Download the app onto your Mac, Windows PC, or Linux from the links below.

Download Cydia Impactor Latest Versions

Mac OS X


2. Download unc0ver .ipa file for the app you are side-loading

unc0ver v3.7.0%b2

unc0ver v3.7.0%b1

Go to Older Version Release..

3. Connect your computer and iOS device via lightning cable

4. Launch the app and check that your device is detected

5. Find the .ipa file and drag it to the open Impactor window

6. Click OK on the Expired Certificates warning

7. Type your Apple ID and password in; click OK 

8. Now the Impactor app will retrieve and sign the app certificate; when this is done, you will see the app icon on your home screen

9. Now open your iOS Settings app and tap on General

10. Tap Profiles and Device Management

11. A list of app certificates will load; find and tap the certificate for the sideloaded app

12. Tap Trust and close Settings. You can now use the app

Method 02: Install IPA files on iPhone with two-factor verification enabled

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  1. From your browser, open and log into your account

  1. You will be asked for two-factor authentication to login to your Apple account.
  2. There you will see the enabled “Two-Factor Authentication” and “App Specific Password”.
  3. Now choose a name for the label ( try to call it something close to the app name you want to install ) and click Create
  4. Your password will be generated; copy it
  5. Follow the steps above until you get to where you enter your Apple ID – input your ID and use your newly generated password
  6. Follow the rest of the steps in Method 1.
  7. Once done, the IPA file will be on your device, and the app is yours to use.

How to create Apple ID:

  • First of all, Open phone “Settings” >> then Go to “iTunes and Apple store” >> Tap on the “Create New Apple ID“.

  • Now, Enter Details about you On the requirements section.

  • First, enter your name and last name.
  • Enter your Email address and password.
  • Select security question and type answer.
  • After complete this procedure, your account is created.

How to download Cydia without Jailbreak:​

The reason for jailbreaking is Cydia Download through which you get a whole new level of iOS experience.

In fact, Cydia allows downloading and installing a lot of Cydia apps and tweaks to get with the best of your iPhone and iPad by moving over the stock restrictions.

Cydia Impactor is updated every time the iOS firmware is updated, ensuring continuous support.Currently, there are no ways to install Cydia without jailbreak.

>>BUT<< ???

Cydia alternatives Solutions there

We found hundreds of Cydia store demo versions and alternative solutions.
Many of them are fake solutions.

here we listed some of the trust links for download Cydia demo versions and alternative solutions.

Also, those apps stores provide you to install the best jailbreak tweaks and apps without jailbreak your iPhone or iPad.

How to install Cydia on iOS 13?

  • Go to one of the above AppStore.
  • Install the configuration profile they provided.
  • Use Cydia demo version.

Cydia Impactor Alternatives

Finally, after months, we have a reliable solution.    


The new alternative to the broken Cydia Impactor, it’s called AltDeploy which allows you to sign and install IPA Application files on iOS 13, iOS 12, iOS 11 and so on, and you can sign those without Apple Developer Account (Free and Paid), just like you used to be able to with Cydia Impactor, no revokes and no jailbreak needed.

Download AltDeploy

Compatible OS

The app is currently only for MacOS and it looks like it will work with MacOS Catalina and MacOS Mojave for the initial release, but more support will be added as new versions are released.

How to Delete Cydia from iPhone or iPad

Remove Cydia from your iPhone/iPad without a PC

There is a way to delete all Cydia tweaks on the iPhone/iPad directly.

** Please ensure a backup of your device data.

Keep your device connected and make sure that you have an absolute minimum of 20% battery ( more is better ) 

Follow this steps ->

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some common FAQ questions from new and existing users.

How Safe is Cydia Impactor?

It is safe enough to use. Although it requests your Apple ID, it does not store it. Cydia Impactor needs your ID in order to sign the app before loading it and doesn’t use it for anything else. The only you must be careful of is that you only download your IPA files from reputable sources.

Is Cydia Impactor Supported on iOS 13?

Absolutely! Cydia Impactor is updated every time the iOS firmware is updated, ensuring continuous support.

Do I Need to Jailbreak to Use it?

No. Cydia Impactor may share the same name as the popular third-party app store, but it isn’t required. The only time you would need to jailbreak is if you want to install a specific tweak or app that cannot be installed from any other source.

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⚠️Your donations are great help for our Jailbreak Developers⚠️

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